What I’m working on

IT Startup – The Card Game

In 2018 I managed to crowdfund my IT themed card game “IT Startup” in Poland. Now together with Konrad we want to start a company that publishes IT themed games worldwide. Our current goal is to publish 2 card games on Kickstarter in Q1 2020 (Konrads game OutOfMemory! and my game IT Startup – The Card Game).

More about that can be read in this blog post.

A Tycoon type mobile game

Something like “GameDev Tycoon meets Slay the Spire“. A Tycoon type game in my “IT Startup” card game universe. The plan is to release it after the english version of my card game is available (so the mobile game will promote the physical card game).

A book about (profitable?) side-projects

I’m writing my second book (the first one is a polish book about getting your first Software Dev job). Currently only in polish, but the plan is to translate it later if this blog gains any significant traffic.

One of my old projects – Note Fighter

Not a project I’m currently working on, but I’m proud of it 🙂 a mobile game that helps you with music notation practice. Note Fighter:

2016 I sold the game and the new owner changed it a bit (mostly made the graphics more friendly looking). The game trailer from the new game owner:

My old  job – working in a taxi app startup

I worked a few years as an Android Developer in Hamburg in the taxi app startup “mytaxi”. It was a great time and I learned a lot.